Is it okay not to show face?

Knowing about the most popular content made in Onlyfans, I’m thinking of doing the same content because they are usually the ones that are successful. But I was wondering if I can still be successful even if I don’t show my face?

Yeah but you’ll earn more sometimes with your face

You are not obligated to show your face. It is your account so you have the say if you want to be seen or not. Don’t do something you are not comfortable doing. Yes, people say that you’ll be more comfortable when you show your face. But lots of OnlyFans creators also become popular by being anonymous.

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Do something that’s comfortable for you. If you prefer to not show your face, that’s fine. Just know that you need to work harder if you remain anonymous. People tend to support someone who they know by their face. But some also become successful by remaining anonymous.

That’s also my plan, to remain anonymous. I tried making videos already for practice. It’s a bit tricky because you need to think of ways on how not to show your face. It was definitely hard

I agree. Though having a full time corporate job that could be affected when I show my face is the reason why I want to remain anonymous.

I actually admire those content creators who have the courage to show their face. It takes lots of guts to do that.

Yeah, I know I can still be successful. :grinning: I just need to work hard.

Have you found a new way to film without showing your face? Can you give me tips?

I admire them, too. I can never do that. Once you expose your face, it will always be on the internet even if you delete it.

Btw, great picture. Very witty - not showing your face :sweat_smile:

At first, I was very sure that I’m okay with showing my face when I post my content. But after a few weeks of asking for advice from others, I think it will be better for me to remain anonymous on OnlyFans. Anyone can take a screenshot or take a screen recording of your post and share it anywhere.

If you have other job, it’s advisable to remain anonymous. Just recently, a paramedic was shamed online by an article because she was posting nude photos on Onlyfans while also having a full-time job as a paramedic. There’s nothing wrong with that. I admire her, but to prevent having the same issue as what she had experienced, just hide your face.

Good thinking. Sooo you might want to consider changing your display picture here? But I totally understand if you would want to show your face here, this is not OF anyway.

Oh yeah, I’ve read about that. After it was made public, a lot of people also supported her. I think she still kept her job as a paramedic.

Good to know that they didn’t fire her. There’s nothing wrong with making ends meet with OF.

Most of the creators that I follow don’t show their face. What they do is just position their camera to make sure that their face won’t be shown. They still seem to have lots of fans while remaining anonymous. Others want the mysterious vibe of not seeing or knowing the person so I guess that still works.

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Preach girl! :raised_hands: There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’re not stepping on someone. People should mind their own business. smh :roll_eyes: