Is it typical for so few people to make purchases from the free page?

Since I was gradually losing popularity on my top 2.8% (it was 1.5% for a time) paid website over the past few months, I thought I would try something different and create a free page where every video serves as a barrier. Don’t forget to talk. People flocked to my free page in droves, and in only three days, I had over 500 followers. Is that a substantial amount? Not sure. To be honest, though, I have zero sales on my free page and just one individual purchased a video (who later deactivated his account). Is this typical? My video paywall isn’t even expensive. For the complete jerk film and with face, 4.99$, 7.99$, or 8.99$. Since I don’t want to share anything on my large NSFW Twitter with freeloaders, I have also started investing in my new NSFW Twitter.

Many of my fans on my paid page appear content with their purchases. For $15 a month, I publish a lot. Not to mention PPV. Monthly, I get a ton of recurring subscriptions. Naturally, though, I also lose fans. But a lot of them return.

Should I continue to put money into my free page? How many fans does a free page need to generate a lot of sales? I’m not sure because I’m new to free pages and I started with paid pages. People seem to expect to see everything for free, which baffles me.

Indeed, free pages draw in freeloaders. To gain traction there, you will need thousands, if not tens of thousands, of fans.

Although the conversion rate is quite low, a free page can be effective if you have a large following on social media. I think free sites are a waste of time for “normal” people. If you’re not famous, focus on your sponsored page.