It can't be just me who doesn't like the question "Are you real?"

What do they anticipate me saying? "No, I purposely deceived you by tricking onlyfans’ facial recognition software. Really, I’m three frogs wearing a trench coat. It feels like negging, though maybe I’m reading too much into it.

If there were 3 frogs, we could work three times as quickly. :joy:

I believe it doesn’t matter if the content you post is authentic or not. talking is the main focus. fans dislike chat agents. They love to speak to the creators directly.

To be honest, I would much rather have that than “do you like white/Mexican dick”

There are a lot of fake accounts, including ai-edited women. Men administer these accounts, which may be the reason they’re asking you that question.

I really get it and am sympathetic to that! Since I’m neurodivergent, I really wish that the way they stated it had been a little less accusatory. Unfortunately, this is the one question that truly irritates me.

Sexual racism is so f’ing weird :face_with_spiral_eyes: (them, not you lol)

:joy:🩷 haha you make me laugh with that

As a fan I can shed some light on this for you :sweat_smile: many girls sell their page to agencies or managers. The guys aren’t asking if you’re a real person, they want to know if it’s really you writing to them. Of course there is no way to prove this though​:thinking: I’ve had this happen to me twice. The last time was a girl I had talked to every day for nearly a year who suddenly changed overnight. I had spent thousands and got to know her quite well. I immediately knew she sold the page because I asked if I could have a new photo of her adorable puppy. She said no because she couldn’t look after it anymore and gave it to her parents to look after. She never had a puppy and she lived with her mom :rofl: Although it’s funny it’s pretty crappy when it happens, but hopefully that helps you understand why we ask if you’re real :wink: