Just a few inquiries for girls!😅


I will ask even though I feel like I should already know these things.

  1. How can you avoid having a razor burn? :sob: Not only does my razor still have its original strip at the top, but it also looks great. But right now, I’m hated by the inside of my thighs and the rear of them! I’m nervous about creating material this week because of it. (I just shaved yesterday) I use Gillette Fusion 5 man razors.

  2. How on earth do you remove your fishnets without them becoming really ridiculous? I swear, it takes me ages to try to unroll or untangle them! :joy::joy:

And that’s it. I’m grateful! :grin:

Shave in the direction your hair grows, then sideways, and finally against it for your :smiley_cat:. Everything will go really smoothly. Never have I been burned by a razor. If you shave frequently, you should also use various razors for different body regions and replace them at least once a month. (However, I much rather use the safety razors with a single blade. They truly are excellent. In addition, shower gel makes shaving easier because it’s slimmer and glides more smoothly than shaving cream. I hope it’s helpful. ❨

I use hair conditioner while I shave because it works so well. And I exclusively use shavers made for males. They’re better.

Is it uncomfortable to pull at both the top and the toe at the same time? Absolutely. Good? Additionally, sure

Apply deodorant as soon as possible after shaving. Absence of razor bumps. That’s a classic stripper trick. In fact, some dancers shave using deodorant. The transparent liquid substance works better than the white solid version.