Legal music for striptease

I’m trying to find some legal, copyright-free music that I can utilize for a striptease video. preferably obtainable from a free website or accessible in CapCut. I’m having trouble finding something that exudes a passionate, hot, or seductive vibe. Any suggestions (the title and the author)?

YouTube’s NoCopyrightSounds! They perform a wide range of genres, but primarily EDM and its subgenres.

Use Spotify to find a royalty-free playlist. That is what I do when I stream on Twitch. That should work for OF and Camming, in my opinion.

Thinking the same thing

Here’s what I asked OF support regarding this subject and what they answered.

Hello! Could I include music in my striptease video, please? Can I use any kind of music (such as songs from popular artists) or just music in the public domain? Which course of action is the safest?


Hi there, We appreciate you contacting OnlyFans. You are allowed to utilize popular artists’ music in your material, but our Compliance Team will have to remove the media if we receive a related copyright call. Our Acceptable Use Policy and Community Guidelines must be followed by all content. What is allowed and what is not on OnlyFans is outlined in this policy. Check out https://onlyfans.-com/terms#acceptable-use-policy, paragraph 5. If you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Yes, as a small creator, I know I am unlikely to get into trouble, but I would still rather be safe and discover something acceptable for unrestricted commercial usage. Thank you for your response. Knowing their official reaction is helpful.