Lice chat session with fan

I have a fan requesting a live chat session? What’s the best way to do a one-on-one chat with a fan of mine? DO you use Skype, Snapchat, or other accounts?

You can use Skype. Make an new account with a fake name and use an email for onlyfans only.

You can make a private snapchat so you know if the fan will screenshot things.

Sorry, I had a typo on the title. It should be “LIVE chat”

Will there be a notification when someone will take a screenshot on Skype?

This is a great idea!

For me Skype is the most convenient. I’m not sure if you can take screenshots when using it. Just put your video down if you don’t want to have your face exposed.

I personally use Skype just because I’m too lazy to maje other accounts. It’s the easiest to use and almost everyone has it.

Even though they can’t take screenshots, it’s easy to take a video of content that will be posted right?

You can use snapchat. I’ve used it a couple of times for video call.