Mild or Wild? Which is better for promotion?

Which should be promoted more, mild or wild? Which one will draw in more subscribers and is overall more interesting?

The more explicit your promo, the more subs you’ll receive. In my opinion

As a boy, you have a lot of potential to promote with non-nudes because of your intriguing appearance. Play with shadows, cover yourself with your hands so that only a tiny portion is visible, wear something extremely tight to outline your things, or wet your clothes for the same effect.

Although I’m not a man, I would be incredibly tempted to subscribe to see what it looks like in real life if I saw your feminine build and some tempting shots where you couldn’t quite see your things. But why would I sub when you’ve already exposed everything?

Although you might acquire subscribers who are specifically interested in what you have, I believe the market for your niche is much smaller. If you don’t reveal everything in your promo, you’ll attract a much higher number of “curious” subscribers.