My first 22 days as a fat, midsize creator without a face

top 16 percent; 30 paid subscribers (plus 8 now-deleted users); over $500; 3,678 profile visits; 20 renewals on and 10 off. This is only a Reddit promotion.

The most important and obvious advice I can give is to promote. Rather than concentrating on OF, use 70% of your effort on promotion. If your current promotion isn’t working, try something else. Finding captions and subreddits that genuinely work better for me has taken a lot of trial and error on my part thus far; this is certainly a work in progress, but every day I find that my motivation to raise my income grows. I quickly try something different if I’m not succeeding in a particular subreddit. If something doesn’t work, I try something else, and so on.

If you’re marketing on Reddit, remove posts that aren’t performing well. You don’t want people to click on your page and see a ton of photographs, especially if they are nude. After all, what good is it to visit your OnlyFans page if they can see so much of you on Reddit? If someone is genuinely interested in you, they will go regardless, but some people will simply go because they are curious and visit the OF to see more, which might result in them losing money if they can already view every single one of you on Reddit.

Moreover, do not disregard the tiny subreddits. Even if there are fewer people watching you, you can still get a lot of upvotes and rank first in the sub.

I think that having a first-month discount is really helpful, and I don’t think I’ll ever be without it since it allows people to check you out without having to pay the entire subscription amount. I put mine at 20% off, but even a lower discount helps.

Even though I haven’t had tremendous success just yet, I’m rather happy with myself because I never imagined that I would receive even $50 in my first month. That’s right, there are people out there who think you’re gorgeous just the way you are. Before I even started, I wasn’t sure whether anyone would want to view my body because I’m a younger mother, I have stretch marks, and I have a stomach.

Whoa, girl, great job! And I appreciate the guidance and inspiration! I have some stuff to do right now.

Wow, congratulations, and great job! It’s nice to know we can have success as another faceless creator!

I’m so envious! The men I met were all really avaricious. But great job, sweetheart! Glad to see it :white_heart::white_heart:

I really appreciate the advice. What kind of post do you think isn’t performing well?

How do you manage to remain anonymous? similar to the kind of content you produce? Do you also create original content?

I appreciate you taking the time to share; this is exactly the motivation I needed.:two_hearts: