Need some tips for filming angles, setup, and editing

I’ve looked everywhere for a more in-depth guide on shooting background scenes without a cameraman, but I’ve only found a few options that are more generic or movie-focused. I’ve made an effort to gather as much information as I can about this subject.

Does anyone know of any resources that I could use? The YouTube videos on recording angles are useful for social media photography, but they don’t apply in this situation. I would still advise those to individuals who are just getting started. We currently have a monitor, a horizontal tripod (which I detest)multiple lights, and one phone. The issue is that while the photos appear good in our “rehearsal run,” it’s now quite challenging to switch setups from a BJ angle to the bed and possibly even penetration shots. How can you guys handle this without your spouse becoming frustrated or losing interest?

A follow-up query that somewhat relates. How do you use toys to film your solo scenes? I have a lot of content that I shoot on my floor or on my bed, but neither looks particularly polished. While I’m having trouble with angles for getting penetration photos with toys, occasionally the bed shots turn out better. To obtain a decent back angle, I was considering purchasing an ottoman or bench and filming via a mirror, but my toys have a mind of their own and don’t like to remain still. Does anyone know of a good suction device to attach your toy to? While I’ve seen people sit over mirrors, I don’t own anything like that. Right now, I’m using a little, padded ottoman that creaks when I bounce on it. Just trying to find a better answer there. What would be a worthwhile search term? A shorter table? Stool? This one has me STUCK due to my executive dysfunction.

EDIT: I realized I overlooked a small detail. Is it worthwhile to have several devices configured simultaneously for different angles? How do we edit that, too? Which software is our favorite? I need to quit editing exclusively on my phone.

Please let me know if any of these questions have already been addressed elsewhere! Perhaps the solutions are obvious, but I’m not seeing them because of my brain! I’m grateful in advance :black_heart::black_heart:

I would be really interested in hearing your talented opinions regarding the BG filming.

I’ve discovered that switching things up and utilizing various objects, such as a tripod (like a water bottle), to hold my camera up helps me achieve amazing angles for my solo material.

My favorites are these:

  • camera horizontally positioned on a chair facing my bed; after that, I can lie down with my legs spread wide, or I can shoot from my side on my hands and knees (a more seductive position).

  • facing a tripod in the shower, I slowly wash my hair from behind so that all of the shampoo ends up in my ass. I can then turn around, lift a leg, and get a complete pussy view (this works well for bathtubs, shower counters, and chairs as well).

  • anywhere on the ground (with the tripod pointing downward at you as you lie there) legs spread, on knees facing away (full ass), or overhead for a pussy view

  • bending over from behind and raising one leg on the area next to you while facing the camera

  • in a couch or chair. Put your legs over each arm in a doggie posture, lean over the sofa with one leg up and one leg down, and view your pussy from the side so that it’s visible but not from the front or rear (if that makes sense).

I take videos everywhere I go. I believe that making use of EVERY piece of furniture, room, and item in your home will keep it feeling brand-new. additionally enjoyable for you

If you haven’t tried them yet, hopefully, this can inspire you with some fresh ideas.

A tripod! I purchased an adjustable one that has a remote to take solo content off Amazon and a ring light, and it’s really fantastic! I usually just prop it up on something on the floor for on-the-floor videos :grin:

I can take my favorite overhead shot or get down to the ground with my adjustable tripod and ring light. Only two iPhones and an iPad (lower resolution but useful for promotional photos) are used by my partner and me. He has a harness that straps to his chest (Amazon).

Since I’m in a similar situation, could you please share all you’ve discovered thus far? Please PM me; I’d love to talk.

I then employ a variety of equipment. GoPros, phones, and cameras are all mounted on gorillapods. preserving the audio file with the most consistent or greatest sound. emulating porn for their purposes.

I’m putting this here to remind myself to read this topic once it has more momentum because I have the same query about b/g filming. Right now, I use an inexpensive (<$100) vlogging camera with my phone to capture several views. It functions fine, although the tripods severely restrict the angles that may be used. It was simpler to create solo material because, hey, you just open your legs and presto—video. Because we both have some size on us (and I’m not particularly flexible :laughing:), B/G is challenging. All of which is to say, I kind of just need assistance too, lol.

I use my main camera the most. The device is a Sony EV-Z10. Still, the GoPro performs admirably as long as I can be quiet. When editing, make sure your sound is normalized so there are no extremely loud peaks or too quiet areas.