Newbie Account - Free Follow or Paid Subscriptions

Good morning everyone! Hope you are well. LOVE that this chat is here. I hope it gets used often!

I am wondering what is the best way to go for starting an account.

Free to follow but pay to unlock pics and vids.
Paid subscription that unlocks content.

Advice happily accepted :kiss:

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Hi dear,
If you are just starting out, I believe it will be better to have a free account only so you can gain more subscribers. It can be very hard to have subscribers when you start with a paid account at once. Once you have like maybe a hundred fans, you can start to have the paid subscription. This is how I started mine. I’m sure other people have their own techniques and opinion. :slight_smile:

You can read this article about the pros and cons of a free account and see if it’s for you -----

Following this post.

I have free and paid

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TRY TO DO FREE AND PAID you can link them together it’s amgreat

Did you use this site to promote yours or do it yourself via social media? My fiancee and I just started offering content there and we haven’t had much luck getting traffic to our profile.

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What was your strategy in promoting your account?

You can promote it on social media. People usually discover you there. You can also post on reddit to promote your account.

Twitter :joy: best place

Free to start until you gain followers, with love @sexysinnott

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