Non spicy content?

Is it true that some people purchase or subscribe to non-explicit content? Painting, cleaning, etc. I’ve heard this, but I’m not sure whether that’s real. Even if it is, would you still earn some money? I know you wouldn’t make as much as NSFW.

I had a guy who paid me over $3k in a month only to talk about books and advice on how to take care of his adorable dog :slightly_smiling_face:.

My entire thing is non-spicy material. I paint nude at my OF, which was inspired by Bob Ross. I’m into my second month, and so far, so good. But spicy content in the direct messages has been the largest money maker (my is a free page).

You could clean and paint, but it would probably only be effective if you were wearing a bikini.

I can attest that people will pay for non-nude; however, if you go beyond that, your income will increase significantly.

I earn between $1000 and $3000 a month and post non-explicit content. However, it’s growing since I’ve started pushing it more widely. I mostly upload videos and pictures of my foot, nothing x-rated. Normally, I don’t sell content.

do you paint nude subjects or are you nude?