Onlyfans meetups

Helloooo! Thank you in advance for reading this and responding.

Soooo I have a few of my fans who keep on messaging me requesting we should meetup. Is that allowed?

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I’m not sure if it is allowed but I think it would be best to avoid them. Though I can see some creators who say they can meetup with fans. I personally don’t accept those types of requests.

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That won’t be a great idea. You don’t know what can happen if you meetup with your fans. It’s up to you.

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Has there been reports or issues that something bad happened to creators who met with their fans?

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Don’t do meetups. It is extremely unsafe. Even if you feel like you already know your fans, you won’t know what will happen. Also, it is against OnlyFans terms of service and your account can be banned.

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Simple answer: NO :raised_hand:

I haven’t seen any reports yet but it’s strictly against OnlyFans. Your account can also get banned for even just discussing to meet

Thanks for the advise. I’m not too comfortable doing meetups, too. OF is not a dating site so why meetup with a fan, right?

I don’t know why fans would ask a meetup. It isn’t a dating site. Ask them to go to Tinder instead :smirk:

I believe other people still think OF is like Tinder/Grindr.

I would do anything to keep yourself safe no matter what the price is hun xoxox stay safe I wouldn’t do a meet up you never know who’s behind that computer or phone

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Has anyone ever heard of anyone meeting up on OFwith love from Ireland @sexysinnott

I’ll be cautious with meeting up with a fan. Just stick to the chats and calls. :wink:

It’s 100% a violation of their TOS. I hope you didn’t do it? Updates??

I definitely would not and have some techniques to try and help you with that if you want just message me