OnlyFans on bank statement

Does your subscription fee show up on your bank statement? Can this be hidden so that the transaction couldn’t be seen or traced?

I don’t think you can delete a transaction from your bank statement. Ask your bank directly if this can be done, but I doubt that they will allow it.

It would be hard to hide it from your partner. I think it’s better to inform him/her to avoid future issues. :wink: I’m saying this based on experience.

Honesty is the best policy indeed :joy:

Every transaction that you have done appears in you bank statement. If you subscribed to someone on OnlyFans, it will definitely appear there.

Just open a new bank account if you don’t want your partner to know about it.

But it will still be hard to hide it from his partner. Telling the uncomfortable truth is better than lying. :innocent:


Hiding bank statements can be too much of a hassle too.

I agree. I hope we can hear an update from @uupdom

Trueee. What’s up @uupdom? :wink:

Thanks to all of those who replied. I pondered hard about it and decided to just tell my girlfriend about having an OF account. We fought about it for a long time but we made up already. She agreed that I can subscribe to other females to watch their videos. Though I can’t message them to ask for requests because it feels like cheating for her.