Promoting your account

I just started OnlyFans and I currently have 5 subscribers. :confused: Can anyone give tips on how to promote my account? Btw, I do mostly content that made me decide to not show my face.


The simplest and easiest way to promote your OnlyFans account is in your social media profiles and blogs.


The best way to promote your account is through your social media. But since you decided to do it anonymously, it will be harder. You can make a separate social media account - Instagram, Snapchat, or even Reddit.


You can promote your profile even without other social media platforms. You can use shoutout advertising. This is when other influencers or creators give you a shoutout on their social media or OnlyFans profile. These can either be paid or done as a shoutout for shoutout, but most of them are paid.

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This is actually a good idea. I haven’t used that strategy. Thanks for this idea!

Oh that’s a new one. I should try this one. I hope other influencers would notice me. They usually respond to sponsors only or people who would pay them a lot of money.

Yah I made a separate social media accounts solely for the promotion of my OF account. I can see a slight growth on my subscriber count. I guess that’s a good idea. Though I’m still far away from my goal.

That’s the only problem. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

I tried it and fortunately, 2 of the ten influencers I contacted helped me. :grinning:

Do you have an update on how many subscribers you have right now?

Het there guys,

Honestly speaking is very very difficult to grow on the internet nowadays and all this is because: there is a lot of competition and the web gets more and more saturated, so there is countless TB of imagery and video content and users simply don’t know what to get anymore, usually the ones that wins are the ones who are always on top, and the ones that are always on top are the spenders who pay big bucks amongst them of course to help themselves grow, they call them inner circles, but this also does not mean that you don’t have a right to a slice of the pie so to answer your question the content you create can help you grow or not, the more content the more subscribers, but make sure you put your original touch in what you do, after you have a handful of imagery and video then try Twitter and Reddit, you can use these platforms anonymously, and of course Follower articles that explain how to succeed on Only fans, Xoxo

Follower recently launch their promo platform and seems to work quite well tbh Promote your OnlyFans profile | Follower

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Agree :100:

So glad I found this site. I wasted 3 months promoting my account on my own. I don’t have much social media following so I get why it didn’t quite work in promoting my account. But after deciding to spend money on choosing a plan to promote, my account suddenly blew up. Will definitely recommend. :+1:

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Oh is it allowed to promote on Twitter?

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Is there any way of getting free traffic to your OF account, with love from Ireland OF @sexysinnott

I am not sure about all this. I spent $30 the other day to promote mine and I have got two new subscribers since. I’m getting pretty discouraged.

how i pm you?? and i need to talk with u

how?? can you disclose it here instead?