Purchased a lot of content all at once out of fear that he will charge back

Is there anything I can do to ensure that someone follows and instantly purchases a substantial amount of content all at once without charging back?

It’s funny how the rules that are exclusive to fans are imposed upon us creators; they don’t take any action to shield us from those who attempt chargebacks.

We should have more authority over our content and how we are paid for it! In the unlikely event that he did, if I were you, I would simply leave the money he spent in your account with just fans.

I hate having to deal with this and worry about it.

It’s beyond your control to stop. Make it a rule going forward that new subscribers and following can only buy a certain number of videos right away. Then, you won’t lose as much money if they do charge you back.

As previously said, there is unfortunately nothing you can do to stop that. Some subscribers, I’ve found, will buy a lot right quickly knowing that their account will be deleted in two days.

Many of you are preventing yourself from becoming financially successful by being reluctant to offer content because you are afraid of chargebacks. Why worry when, in the end, there is nothing you can do and you have no control over it? To be honest, chargebacks don’t really happen much in my experience and have no bearing at all on my net monthly income.

I believe the only thing you can do is wait—don’t spend this money now; give it a month or even more. I’ve heard of a chargeback that occurred after six months. incredibly crazy.

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