Safety email for account set up

I just recently heard about OF and I did a bunch of research before I get into it. Most forums and blogs say the same thing. I only saw one forum where email was mentioned. I guess we don’t put too much thought on what email we should use when setting up an account in any site. But it’s important to have a separate one for OF to prevent hacking or mixing it up with other emails.

The safest email site according to what I’ve read is protonmail. Make sure that the email should be used only for OF. Don’t use your personal or work (obviously) email.

I saw some other tips but all of them are already in this website. Just want to give a small tip to you all. Good day!

I read that tip too before i set up my OF account. I am using protonmail for my OF account only. My personal and work accounts are gmail accounts.

What if I used another email? Will there be more chance of getting hacked?

Even before having an OF account, I was already using Protonmail :slightly_smiling_face: Never used other emails

Thanks for the tip! i didn’t start yet because I’m having doubts…but if i do push through with it, i’ll definitely use protonmail…