Seeing huge sub numbers

How did you obtain so many subscribers? I keep seeing insane figures, and I’m curious as to how you arrived there! I have 20 subscribers on my premium (4.99) page, and while I am delighted with my earnings and steady stream of customers, I’m wondering what I could be doing incorrectly to attract additional subscribers.

After 1.5 years of work, I currently have 640 fans for this. First-month discounts are never extended, and my fee is $15.

I’m constantly considering methods to get more views. If I’m not expanding, I’m planning ways to obtain more exposure for my content, including improving my promotional materials, focusing on other Subreddits, or investigating uncharted territory.

Check your analytics to determine the number of link clicks you receive, or utilize the number of guests to get a ballpark estimate. Next, determine the average number of those interactions required to add a new subscriber every day. With that data, you may calculate, based on your conversion rate, how many additional views you’ll need to get to your target number of fans.

I genuinely promote myself all day, but especially on the weekends. A successful post draws attention to your profile and, in my experience on Reddit, increases page views and subscriptions.

There are times when captioning requires creativity. I only got it from Twitter. :joy:

I became a free subscriber when I first started, which was only last month. I currently have about 850 subscribers. The challenging aspect for me is not sure if working for pay would be preferable. Right now, I doubt I would have that many paying subscribers. I’ve read of people creating two accounts and using them for everything.

Posting twice a day on social media platforms that matter (like Instagram and TikTok) and trying something new or impressive

How can one attract an audience?

You’re asking too little, which seems contradictory. You’re drawing in followers who are probably too cheap to pay for customs and pay-per-view content at that subscription pricing. Along with that, I only really plan, create, and edit content two days a week, and I spend an hour or so every day live conversing with fans. With that exception, I work as a promoter almost every other hour.