Seeking advice regarding milestone postings

I think my page has done well; I haven’t posted since January. Since I last checked in, it appears that I have had a good number of subs, and I am almost at my 100 mark. It’s a free page with paid advertising and a few free postings, and I haven’t made anything off of it because I’m inconsistent. Should I create a 100-fan post?

Hi Kitty,

Of course you should! Every milestone should be celebrated and you should also be consistent with posting contents to keep your followers.

For a paid wall post and PPV, you could create something revealing, and for a free wall post, you could just produce something seductive and teasing.

Maybe a free special video for everyone and some sort of raffle where people tip something small like $3 and you select one to send panties too.

For my last two milestones, I published a post with the caption, “Like this post for a chance to win a free 5-minute custom,” and I chose a winner at random. This time, I made a cake smash video as I pushed “post” for reaching 100 posts. I said, “Like this post and I’ll pick three winners to get a free month subscription.” Be cautious when conducting a raffle. You can have your account removed if you perceive it to be gambling, which is prohibited on the internet and does not come with a prize for each tipper. You could then offer a $5 tip for a chance to win something at random and provide something to everyone who tips, even if it’s simply a series of unique photos.