Seemingly too good to be true?

I recently acquired a new subscriber. He left a $20 tip for nothing almost immediately after we started talking! then, after a little while, tipped $50 for the privilege of asking some ordinary, not particularly personal, questions. After almost two hours of conversation, he asked for a video, paid $20 for it, and gave me an additional 80 cent tip! This just looks too good to be true, and I’m afraid he’ll charge me back. He continued going too far in our chats, joking about wanting to “get married” or “go on a date.” Other than that, we were having regular discussions, even though I kept telling him how stupid he was for saying these things. I’m just really puzzled! This is a lot for me in such a short period of time.

CBs can occur at any moment, even several months in the future. Some subs just have extra cash to spend. The other day, I witnessed someone spend $400 on 1.5 hours of sexting. I hope he continues to tip, and enjoy the money. Continue conversing with him; he seems like a possible whale.