Should I post all my promo content to my OF?

I have so far created unique content for OF and different promotional stuff for Reddit and other platforms. I take a week to post the exclusives to OF, and then I wait to film new stuff the next week. But I instantly upload all of my brand-new, “free” promotional content to places like Reddit.

A new subscriber recently left me a dejected comment, saying that I should be charging for the new content I have on TikTok. which is true at the start of each week, immediately following the creation of new content. To ensure that my subscribers have everything they need in one location and don’t feel like they’re getting less content than my promotion channels, should I put all of the “free” promo stuff on OF in one post? I’m hesitant to do this since I don’t want new subscribers to assume they’re getting the same content from my free promo channels for free.

I’d also be curious to know about any more content initiatives! <3

I’m unable to view anything you’re posting as a promotion because this account appears to be a burner.

However, I would definitely publish anything nude, obscene, or titty on OF before sharing it on social media, perhaps a week or two later.

I either make my own promotional materials or, if I use ones from OF, I upload them to websites dedicated to marketing slowly.

Someone paying for something they can get for free elsewhere is not possible.

Yes, I do. I work really hard to earn good promotions, and I will post a really nice picture if I have one. There are boys who are not here that are over there. I’ll upload all I have there. That’s sort of the idea of going over there. My media count is something I deserve. My boys adore looking at the photos I’ve been shooting. When I really surveyed them, they told me to just give them all and to quit picking. Alright. It’s a win-win situation. I have far too many other stuff. You never know what someone really loves.