Should I request payment in advance for customized content?

Hello, I’m very new to OF, and so far everything has gone really well. However, on a few occasions, once we’ve decided on pricing for personalized content and completed the video, when I send it, they simply leave it in the inbox.

Should I request a deposit or payment in advance? Since I am aware that fans are occasionally duped as well, I don’t want to frighten away potential customers. I’m not attempting to extort money. However, it irritates me when I work hard and don’t get compensated.

I’ve been able to repackage and sell a few things, but custom JOIs and name-branded videos are pretty much worthless right now.

Shall I simply consider it an expense of conducting business? What is the norm?

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Never, ever, ever do anything at all!!! before getting paid in FULL. Many guys are amused to learn that you are creating a custom piece for them and are not interested in purchasing.

Indeed, it is generally advisable to get payment in full upfront. If your fee is $200, you can charge $197 upfront and provide the video at $3 per picture (minimum OF). Because the custom will then be found in their purchases, many people prefer this.

Having said that, you might use their idea if you like the concept and think the video would do well on clip sites and pay-per-view (PPV). Make the video, email them a little preview, and only provide the complete version once they’ve paid. Provide it to them if they pay, and postpone making it available to other fans as a PPV. Distribute it as PPV and upload it to clip sites if they don’t pay within three days (and have read the message).

I always ask for the deposit upfront. Half the amount, if not the entire amount. though ideally in full. I then inform them that they have two weeks to accept the video.

First, get the money. I was asked to perform something as a ppv by a guy, but I declined, and he blocked me. I assumed he didn’t want to pay because, in my more than 3 years of performing adult work, payment is always made in full before any problems arise with actual clients.

Always upfront! If you don’t already, I’d also charge more for names and attempt to put the name somewhere you can edit it out to sell in the future. I charge a high exclusivity fee if they want the custom for their eyes exclusively because I cannot utilize the content in any way.

Simply add something new every day! It’s hard to say for a new account because it depends on the kind of content you have to produce and the amount of time you have available. Since this content interests me as well, I’ve subscribed to it! :kiss: