Starting out real good

Hi to all of you! I’ve climbed into the top 10% in just my first 29 days and have 45 subscribers! I’ve had 53 in total, however, a few left soon after or after obtaining their desired outcome. It’s clear that I have a great deal of work ahead of me, and I want to continue developing while controlling expectations. Has anyone found it difficult to maintain the momentum after having a fantastic first month? or maintained that momentum after having a fantastic first month? Since I had no idea what to expect going into it, I’m thrilled with where I am and where I might be able to go!

Indeed, dear! I never fell below the top 15%, but I did drop off for a while when I started school after making it to the top 5% in the first month. I temporarily worked for an agency, which was difficult because I had to divide my revenue with them and there was a lot of pressure, but I also learned a lot from them about how to use TikTok and other things to go viral. We actually had our contract terminated by the agency since dividing $5,000 a month wasn’t profitable enough, and I was relieved to get my entire salary back. I made it to the top 1.4% in the ensuing months and earned roughly $10,000 per month, but I lost some momentum again and am currently lingering at 3.9% even though I feel like I have more momentum than ever. I’ve been using it for around nine months.

Whoa, that’s quite an accomplishment! Which social media platforms have you so far used for promotion?

Hi there! I had one follower on my premium account and forty-one on my free account at the end of the second month. My followers benefited from Reddit, but, to be honest, they didn’t know how to market their content and just wanted to talk for free.

Also, a new creator is here. I don’t have a social network account that isn’t populated with relatives and family, so I was unable to have my OF confirmed. Will a fresh X or other media account with no past be accepted? In addition, your OF page appears to be offering panty sales. How do you get that to function on OF? It appears to be against the TOS. Has it been successful so far?

I just began OnlyFans; therefore, I need some help and suggestions on how to attract subscribers to my account. I would be grateful for any guidance.