Straight guy wanting to start onlyfans...?

Any suggestions? Ideas? Literally anything, giving it a go regardless :wink:

Just give it a go! :grinning: It is really worth it specially when you have many subscribers. Do you have an idea already what type of content you want to do?

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The only tip I can give is don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a lot of subscribers on your first months because you have your own timeline. Don’t compare others account on your account. They have their own timeline, you have your own. Wait for your time to be successful. :wink:

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Go go go! Anyone can join, as long as you’re not a minor. :joy:

Go for it! I’m also just beginning. I didn’t think I’ll start with OF because I’m extremely introverted. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Give us an update if you went through with it already. :grinning: Best of luck to you :+1:

Any gender can join OF. Anyone can be successful there. Go for it :fist_left:

You can check on reddit that there are also lots of straight guys who are posting there. they have suggestions and questions there that you might find helpful. :grinning:

Me too girl! But when I started making videos, it just got easier for me even though I am an introvert.