Strip tease advise

someone requested a video of a strip tease. What price would you set for this? What would be the duration of the video? And would you only take off your clothes to end the film, or would you do more? I apologize, this is my first time! Furthermore, what he really said was, “Strip and have some fun.” Many thanks!

The pricing is less affected by what you do in the video. The likelihood that you will resell it determines the price. Strip tease is a typical thing that is simple to resale, so you stick with your starting price. For a beginner, 5 to 8 per minute is a decent amount; feel free to charge more. At least in my mind, strip tease is defined as being dressed and undressed while dancing. Simply put on something sensual, wriggle, and slowly undress. You can touch and display your genitalia, breasts, and other intimate parts to the camera. You are not allowed to utilize any music; instead, seek out music with a public or creative license. Provide him a paywall.

Make it seem as though you are completely focused on them. You can upsell when you inquire about what they would like to wear or if they would like you to say anything.

Charge quite a bit; it will be worth your time and effort to fulfill his request.