Sub requesting that I cum over a picture of his wife

A sub initially asked me to create a tribute for his wife by adding a caption to a picture of her. I declined because I didn’t think that would comply with the TOS. He now suggests that I receive a picture of her, which I agree to verbally but choose not to take. Although, in theory, this makes sense for TOS (I believe? ), it still looks weird to me that he is acting as the middleman. If she wants this, why doesn’t she just DM me? Am I reading too much into this? FYI, I’m a male creator.

Many subs with a humiliation fetish attempt to subtly involve their wives without talking to them about it, so it’s likely that she doesn’t want it or even know about it.

Many of these cum tributes are performed by my partner. The men are cucks who enjoy fantasizing about having their wives fucked by another man. Most of the time, their wives are unaware of the fetish. They have a fetish for it.

I’m not allowed to discuss TOS, but from personal experience, if you’re not comfortable with a kink, don’t let him push, even if it happens often. Trust is the foundation of this system. Additionally, 90% of the time, people will show respect if you gently tell them you can’t do something. The key is effective communication.

I would assume that she is unaware of the circumstances or that the image is a fantasy, not his wife. I wouldn’t do this as a fellow man creator because it’s most likely not consenting.

Edit: I might be completely wrong because I haven’t encountered this situation yet. The comments made by other males suggest that this might be a cuck fantasy.

He just has a cuckold fetish; it’s not for her.