The majority of my subs are real-life acquaintances. help!

I regret doing this, but when I first started OF, I used Facebook to sell. My family was unaware of this, though. For some reason, Facebook has been the best for my marketing, so I continue to use it; in my first week, I made $4k. However, it has destroyed my dating life, taken a toll on my mental health, and altered people’s perceptions of me. My brothers’ friends, former partygoers, current coworkers, and bosses from back then, as well as a ton of gals who most likely despise me, have all subbed for me. I’ve wavered between removing it and not posting for months because I was depressed about what other people thought of me. I’m also sick of men assuming that simply because I live nearby, I will “meet up” with them. It has, in my opinion, totally destroyed my self-esteem. I started posting again a week ago, and I earned $1,500 in that time. I’m not even sure what I want to ask. I adore the cash. I wish I had gone the traditional path, like Reddit, to acquire subscribers. How would you respond? I love shooting photos and films, and I like the concept of OF, but I feel like I’ve ruined my life. Suggestions?

You should, in my opinion, act in line with your mental health. Perhaps consider removing this profile, blocking everyone you know, scheduling your marketing during off-peak hours, and starting your marketing outside of your personal network.

You have to look after yourself most of all. Depression, anxiety, and this kind of thinking are unsustainable. No amount of money is worth starting oneself on fire over.

You have two choices: keep worrying and allow it to impair your mental health, then delete the account; accept it and continue generating enormous money. You simply cannot reverse anything; most likely, it was a mistake to promote using Facebook. Already happened; accept it and proceed on. Give up wondering what other people think; they won’t be your life’s partner. There isn’t a famous porn star the family or friends would be unaware of.

Since most of my highest-paying subs are from IRL, I’m in the same boat. I’m just a month or so in, but thus far, I’m not upset about it.

There are two choices: either go with it or not. It sucks to be there; just make sure you have boundaries and avoid being a bitch to any lady who comes to you with her spouse being addicted to your things. Knowing that crap occasionally hurts enough already. Girls have come to me complaining that their BD cannot pay child support and will go out and spend fifty bucks on me. Simply put, they are from a wounded place. I have experience speaking from here.