This was my first scam

To be honest, I’m really sad. We had a great relationship. We seemed to have a lot in common and enjoy similar sexual things, in my opinion. We began our week-long GFE on the second day of our conversation, and when I asked him for payment, he kind of sidestepped the topic. While we were sexting, he kept begging to get together. When I said no, he said he needed space since he was falling for me. After that, he erased everything, even his Beem it (an Aussie payment app). I really am such a fool. I feel foolish.

Oh no. I need to change so that I don’t take this crap so personally, and I’m fucking demanding payment first.

Learning experience gained. this fucking hurts

It’s important to pay in advance. but seriously, screw that man.

Sorry, this happened, payment comes first every time.