Tips on how to make fans happy

Can someone give content tips on how to keep your fans happy? How many times should I post in a week or in a month? How should I engage with them? I am actually an introverted person so socializing can be difficult for me.

If you want to make your fans happy, you should learn how to engage with your fans whether you’re an introvert or not. Ask them what they most want to see on your profile. Also, don’t feel pressured to post everyday or every week. You should be concerned with the quality, not the quantity.

Engaging with fans is the key to making them happy. There are 8 primary ways on how to do that. Read this article :point_right:

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I read somewhere that you should update your feed at least every 2 days even if it’s just a photo or status update. Going a long time without posting anything or engaging with your fans will most likely result in your fans cancelling their subscription.

Yes, it is really important to post a story or status every now and then. Just so your fans know what you are up to and they know that you are still active. If they don’t see you for how many days, they might think that you stopped making videos.

True. Though sometimes it can be a little difficult to think of something to post. What do you usually post for your story or status to get your fans excited and wanting more?

What do you usually post?

Make sure to answer any message you get from a fan. Always be friendly with them. Most income from successful creators comes from private message tips. You should build relationships with your fans that will last a long time so they wouldn’t stop subscribing.

Just posting something that can excite them. Post a pic of yourself eating breakfast wearing a cute, sexy lingerie. posts like that are easy to do and doesn’t take much time.

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