Using promotional, paid, and free social media to arrange content

In addition to advertising on social media, I have paid and free accounts.

How do you guys arrange the content that has been shared on various platforms? or do you create unique content for every account?

I have exclusive content on my premium page that isn’t available on the free or promo pages. However, I will publish some content on both the paid and free pages and other content on all three. Do you have any tips for keeping everything organized?

I keep tabs on everything. Time spent filming, editing, traveling, total production time, costs, and release location. To keep track of the time, expenses, and earnings for each release of my work, I created and maintain an Excel spreadsheet. It helps me keep everything readily accessible even if it’s a really huge document. I have access to all of it. monitoring the locations of trailers, full releases, and various revisions. I created it by hand and updated it in the same manner.

For myself and my friends that I promote for, I utilize a ton of charts and write everything by hand.