Verification process

Is it safe for OnlyFans to have every information about you for verification? Should I be worried about having my info being accessible to other people? Should I use VPN?

I don’t think it is necessary to use VPN, but it is safer.
To work legally, OnlyFans needs to get your info to ensure that you aren’t underaged and to prove that you are who you say you are.

OnlyFans only keeps your id in their records. They don’t share it with anyone (Well, I hope so)

It is safer for a website to ask for verification from their users to avoid scammers. At this age, lots of people like to pretend to be someone else. Since OnlyFans is totally against scammers, they ask for verification process to confirm that it’s really you who’s signing up for the website.

I’m pretty sure the verification process is safe. It’s better to have that step because it will be safer for everyone on the site. I personally don’t use VPN…

You can use VPN because it gives you privacy and protects your information but it is not necessary when using OnlyFans.