What is the average number of photos or videos that you post?

What kind of stuff do you enjoy and how frequently do you upload it?

I’ve always been interested in learning how others manage to keep their content “fresh” and avoid repeatedly using the same movies or clothes.

Is there someone who has a wish list of clothes or toys that subscribers can purchase?

Every other week, I perform a 12-photo shoot. Six have full nudity, while six are obscene or restricted. I then arrange for every lewd photo to be posted with its corresponding nude photo on the same post, making the obscene a free sneak peek at the purchased nude.

These images are scheduled to be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. That appears to be the sweet spot, at least for me. I promote each post that goes live on various forums and my other social media accounts.

I take this approach to avoid burning out from taking and processing images. Instead of doing it every other day, I do everything in one evening. Over time, it saves me a great deal of worry.

That’s just the way I operate. As circumstances change, you can adjust to better fit your schedule.I hope this is useful to someone.

After 4 years of doing this, I have over 300 full-length videos, most of which are fetish and POV roleplays.

Every week, I release at least one new video. However, I can just republish my older videos because I have so many of them now. I’m always gaining new followers who haven’t watched my previous videos.

Regarding fresh concepts. Fans are where I get most of my ideas. primarily from custom videos or when I’m conversing with a fan and they bring up anything, I record it in my notes. I now have a long list of suggestions from fans.

I also re-edit well-known videos. Although I find the remakes boring and repetitive, the fans adore them. Something similar to a JOI that you might do repeatedly with a different theme—for example, JOIs for your feet, edging, armpits, sph, striptease, and costumes.