What is the best way to gain followers?

Just want to know some tips on gaining followers/subscribers

Hi PxlNomad!

There are two ways to get more followers. One of them is through organic promotions, you can post your content through various social media platforms such as twitter or reddit (just make sure to follow their content guidelines). It’s the long way to get more followers but they are free.

The other one is paid promotion. Basically you’ll have to find someone, like us, to promote your account in order to get more followers. I highly suggest checking this guide to learn more.

TikTok, I gained 200 followers and decreased my posting frequency from 6% to 4% since I started posting regularly a week ago.

Proper promotion, one of the best out there is tiktok and Instagram. You can also try reddit!

Build your page to keep followers rather than focusing on getting a lot of them. Include a ton of pictures and videos, and cultivate a community that interacts with you. It’s the quality, not the quantity. Having 98 loyal followers who make monthly payments and leave tips is preferable to having 1856 followers who never make a purchase or subscribe.