What type of content do Woman enjoy

Hi I’m thinking of opening an account so I want to post a question to the ladies. (gents you welcome to give your input.) Ladies who visit OF pages what type of content do you enjoy. What do you look out for when checking out a gents page?

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I don’t think I have preference for anything honestly. I don’t know if that helped you but just being honest :joy:

Personally, I like it when guys are confident with their own body whatever shape they are in. :wink:

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Yes thank you it does help :kissing_heart:

yes this makes alot of sense and it also helps alot. Confidence is key. Thank yo for your feedback really appreciate it. :heart: :heart: :heart:

All women have different preferences. Even dad bods can have lots of followers.

I agree. I also saw granddad bods on OF and they are rocking it. I love it when I see different body types on OF and a lot of people are supporting or following them.

Interesting chat. How would you feel about comedy from say a stand up comic? Putting a feeler out really anyone talking here has good advice or perspective