What was the number of images or videos on your onlyfans account before you saw a rise in subscribers?

We’re a couple. There are now 48 images and 23 videos. We lost all 60 of our subscribers when we started charging for subscriptions, even though we had 60 at the beginning of the article. We speculate that perhaps there isn’t enough content provided to generate interest or lead to an initial subscription.
Of course, we don’t want to be free indefinitely, hehe.

We have reduced our advertising till we have a sufficient amount of images and videos, but the question remains, how many is a fair number to start with?

Never give free trials or have a free page since this will draw in freeloaders.

It is sufficient to market with 48 images and 23 videos; 500 posts are not necessary to begin promoting.

We had the same question! and we were devastated to lose 200 subscribers when we went to paid. So, we decided to go back to free, which restored all of the subscribers, and then we launched another “VIP” or “exclusive” paying OF. Thus, the free page was essentially intended to advertise and entice users to subscribe to the premium website, which contains all of the really explicit content! About ten subs were converted right away, and it’s currently gradually increasing!

It would be prudent, in my opinion, to actually take a few weeks to gather a backlog of photos and then upload three times a day, each with one to three photos. Eventually, both of those will be posted. If you haven’t been at this for very long, I don’t believe that’s a bad number in terms of video.

You should definitely keep up the advertising; I might even consider offering a few discounts.

Although I agree that 500 postings is a considerable amount, I have about 700 and have been at this for four years. I upload frequently, despite my frequent deletions.

It takes some effort, but the rewards are worthwhile. I believe that between 150 and 200 postings will attract subscribers who remain longer. Just keep going and posting. There’s no reason you wouldn’t as I was receiving subscriptions with no posts at all.

Hi there! I made a hasty start, opening my page and uploading content without any subscribers. I had only about 5 photos when, on the third day, I made my first Instagram story, and my account took off, gaining 20 fans in a single day. Now, it’s very calm, and if anything, it grows one per day. I also want to use X to gain more followers.