What was the strangest custom request you ever made? 👀

All I want is some feedback on customs. I’ve done a few, but I greatly undersold them, so I haven’t completed anymore. I’m not sure how much to charge per minute, and lately, I’ve been asked strange questions. Do you charge extra for content that is dirtier or kinkier than what you normally do? Regarding pricing, I have no idea, and these people are just taking advantage of others.

My first and only custom to date was paying $20 for two minutes of shop vac use to suck my belly and foot. I enjoyed myself and was fully clothed!:joy:

The guy wanted me to assume that I was gently stepping on snails, lowering my foot onto the ground (especially because I was wearing flip flops), and exclaiming, “Bye bye, mister snail!” in a happy voice.

Another guy asked me to push my nose around and spit as much as I could onto it, squeeze it as flat as I could with my finger, and show off my face from all angles.

One guy wanted me to rip the steak like a savage beast and growl, eating it raw with my own hands while topless.

hahaha, life is strange.

The majority of my money comes from customs. The short answer is that the video should be more expensive if it requires more work and time, even though it might not be kinkier.
The lengthy response is dependent on several variables, including your level of experience, the number of custom orders you receive each week, and an objective assessment of the caliber and professionalism of the customizations you create. Considering all of those aspects, unless you are a very popular creator who receives more requests every week than you can handle, I would price them fairly. Personally, I don’t bill by the minute since it’s too general. Although I have a minimum number of minutes and a starting price, in the beginning, I was more flexible with my prices and offered much lower rates. But charging those reduced fees, brought me to this point.

I’m not sure whether this really answers your question, however being a model with a belly fetish, I’m aware of some wilder sides.

However, I was taken aback by a special request I received, which asked me to swallow a live goldfish. Later on, I found out that it’s a “pretty common” occurrence in the neighborhood.

I have a phobia of fish, thus the answer is no.

I don’t do butt stuff, but I had a guy ask me to push a cucumber up my :peach: while a dildo was in my :cat: