When did you decide to leave your career to work full-time creating online content?

I feel like my day job is nearly restricting my ability to create online material to the fullest extent possible (I’m having a lot of issues with management at my work/its commission, so long story short, I’m over it). I’m really happy with what I’m making for my fans. For those of you who work full-time on only fan or pornographic content, when did you decide to commit to making online content full-time and have confidence that it would succeed? I’m just looking for direction and advice.

I work a full-time job during the day and do OF part-time. I know that if I stopped my day job and worked on OF full-time, I could make a lot more money, but I have a large mortgage on my own, and I’m single. I could never keep my mortgage and work for myself because my mortgage provider would consider it too “risky.” I’m based in the UK, for context. The difficulty with the rising cost of living is something that UK guys and girls would understand :sob:, which is why I made an OF in the first place. Go for it, in my opinion, if you feel you’re at a place where you’re earning enough money to cover all of your expenses,s and you could be making even more if you worked full-time on OF. This is especially true if your current day job is no longer fulfilling. If you’re not ready to give up your day job completely, you may even look for another one and work it part-time. :blush:

Just last week, I gave my notice after seven years at my full-time job! After consistently earning five figures per month for at least five months, I decided to make this move. In addition, I decided to do this since I absolutely adore doing OF and am completely burned out. When the time is appropriate, I believe you will make the decision.

If all of you are leaving your jobs so quickly, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. With OF, I make nice money, but not enough to “quit your job.” What was the duration of your journey there?

I believe it was time once I realized I would make the same or more. I enjoyed the liberty. Moreover, it’s not dull.