Where do I even start with X?

In my first month and a half on OF, I have been performing fairly well, but I have absolutely no following anywhere. Instagram 720 TikTok 7 - I post on Instagram virtually every day, but I try not to post anything too sexy so that I don’t get blocked or give people an excuse not to follow me.

Do you believe it matters that I tried to create an X account to promote but was unable to use the same username on my OF sites and other social media platforms? To connect things, I usually make everything the same. I’m not sure what to do on Twitter either; I never liked it and assumed it was just a collection of people’s shared opinions, lol.

As a side note, is two to three minutes for a video that I post on my page unless someone requests an extended duration, a good length? Just curious :white_heart:

I would greatly appreciate any advice :two_hearts:

X is terrible at turning followers into subscribers, but it’s great for interacting with other creators.