You never get to take a few days off, wtaf?

Just letting it out. I had to take a few days off work due to a family issue that wasn’t tragic, but it was difficult, depressing, and emotionally taxing. I also lost a lot of money. Taking the time off was difficult for me because I kept worrying about how it would impact my work. I’m worried tenfold now :face_exhaling: All I wanted was for it to flow a little bit more naturally.

You ought to consider outsourcing, in my opinion. The goal of this hustle is to have some freedom at the very least, although it is nearly hard to be inconsistent.

In the competitive market, if you don’t consistently provide value to your clients, they will likely move on to the next OnlyFans girl. For me, this happened when I outsourced and hired VAs and other staff to handle my traffic; this allowed me to earn significantly more money while still having more time for family time.

Therefore, when I joined my team, my work ethic went from about 100% to 20%. However, since then, I’ve made more and I found them via networking with other creators, and I strongly believe you should do the same!

I hope this was useful.